Silikon Brustprothesen

Silicone prostheses

The silicone breast prostheses are manufactured from first-class silicone in a very laborious process. The soft and elastic prostheses give you the feeling of a natural breast. The skin is a resistant film made from a tried and tested, very compatible material and increases its durability.

Silicone prostheses are:

  • noiseless and odorless
  • durable and easy to maintain
  • absolutely skin-friendly
  • can be worn directly on the chest
  • no restriction in motion sequences

Size and price table

Size Quantity
Cup A
Cup B
Cup C
Cup D
1 Pair ca. 660 g
1 Pair ca. 1.080 g
1 Pair ca. 1.240 g
1 Pair ca. 2.000 g

Additional Information

These silicone breasts are delivered without nipples. If you want us to stick these on for you, please include them in your order. The natural-looking nipples give your breast prostheses an even more real look. We offer the artificial nipples in the colors pink and brown. You can choose between the sizes 40mm and 80mm.

BMA’s silicone breasts can also be worn without a bra. For this you need the specially developed medical glue. You can find this in the category adhesives.

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